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EPEE Software for Teachers is a curriculum development and
management software that can operate as a Web-Based or Non
Web-Based System. EPEE will enables additions to the curriculum by
each teacher with or without altering the same curriculum being used by
others. More important, EPEE allows Schools or  School Districts to be
their own Curriculum Provider eliminating annual fees and security
issues associated with web-based systems.  EPEE can import Common
Core Standards and can digitally attach those standards, and / or any
criteria, to each lesson plan for tracking and reporting. Store lesson
plans, presentations, handouts, worksheets, images, quiz,
assessments, videos, links to websites and more in easy to use lesson
modules arranged in the order they are taught. EPEE is drag and drop
easy and will maximize your use of Microsoft Office or any other
programs. Any teacher can import any curriculum with a click.  EPEE
maintains the progress of each class independently and can archive
each years progress data to disk with a click. EPEE meets Department
of Education requirements. Download the free trial and watch our online
videos below.

     ED-MAN Software
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Curriculum Development and Delivery Solutions
We can place any curriculum with Common Core Standards digitally attached at the fingertips of any
teacher, anywhere, with the least cost to taxpayers. Districts are not charged until completely satisfied.      
As low as $4.00 per teacher.
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