My first priority is to aid teachers on a daily basis. This is done by providing a simple software tool teachers can use to make
their classroom as efficient as possible. The second priority was to design my systems to work with minimal requirements and
effort. My systems do not require continual updates and fancy operating systems. My systems are designed to keep costs as
low as possible without giving up unlimited control and functionality.
ED-MAN Software
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Should you have any questions on the best way to set up EPEE Software in your school or district, please email us. We will be
happy to review your goals and expectations and provide step by step instructions. In most cases we can have you up and
running in less than an hour.
If you teach at a school or know of a school with limited funding that
could use EPEE Software for Teachers please contact me through
our email. I will do my best to help out.

Anthony Vestyck
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