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Why should EPEE be in every school?
1. EPEE is the most efficient Curriculum Development, Classroom Management and day to day Teacher Tool.
2. EPEE requires almost no training and what little may be needed is free.
3. EPEE requires no security systems or passwords.
4. EPEE works with or without a network.
5. EPEE does not go down if your network goes down.
6. EPEE works with any software without complications.
7. EPEE does not require IT training to operate. Anyone can run the entire system.
8. EPEE is sold in it's entirety and will last forever even if our company does not.
9. EPEE is much less expensive than other systems.
10. EPEE has no annual fees or subscriptions.
11. EPEE can update to new regulations without overhauling the entire system.
12. EPEE can import, export and duplicate reducing workload and time.
13. EPEE removes the limitations of web-based systems on families with computers but no Internet access.
14. EPEE can provided curricula and resources on a flash-drive for those that must share public computers.
15. EPEE allows teachers to add to their curriculum to meet the needs of their students.
16. EPEE allows teachers from coast to coast to share lessons through email.
17. EPEE allows future tax money to go directly to Education and not subscriptions or annual fees.
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